0758 / It Stays Gentle Roll-On Body Adhesive

0758 / It Stays Gentle Roll-On Body Adhesive

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It Stays Body Adhesive Roll On from Truform is a removable liquid adhesive with a handy roll-on applicator that is designed to hold support stockings and other garments in place. Non-irritating to skin, It Stays is ideal for medical stockings and hosiery, as well as orthopedic belts, braces, and other support products. It Stays Roll On Body Adhesive holds your garments in place and prevents wrinkling. 

Once applied, It-Stays Body Adhesive Roll On is flexible and moves with your body. Removal is easy: simply lift it off. It Stays will not pull on skin or hair, and can be wiped off with a damp wash cloth. It-Stays Body Adhesive Roll On will not stain the skin or clothing. 


  • Comfortably maintains the position of support stockings, hosiery, orthopedic supports and braces, and other garments
  • Prevents wrinkling and slipping of garments without restricting movement
  • Does not stain skin or clothing
  • Removes easily with water 
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