Why Truform?


Truform leg wear is designed and engineered with patient compliance in mind. Truform delivers physician-prescribed elastic compression therapy, plus the style selection, appearance and wearing comfort your customers want - but best of all, Truform is value-priced!Truform employs the latest methods of semi-automated manufacturing, and utilizes the best in technology to produce a world-class product at affordable prices - our prescribing physicians trust them, our many clients appreciate their extraordinary value.

Each machine is programmed to precise manufacturing specifications, and our technicians monitor every step of the knitting process. The combination of technology and knitting expertise ensures that Truform stockings are among the highest quality pressure gradient hosiery produced anywhere in the world.We combine the finest materials, the up-to-date methods of lean manufacturing, along with hand craftsmanship to produce Truform garments. Quality assurance checks are performed throughout our entire manufacturing process to verify fabric integrity, fit and a therapeutic, pressure-gradient profile.