Requirements & Responsibilities

To all SAI dealers of Truform compression hosiery: 

Surgical Appliance Industries, Inc. holds the copyright registration with the UnitedStates Copyright office for all Truform brand images, including but not limited to:product photography, packaging, and digital size chart renderings.

As a dealer of SAI brand products we want to highlight SAI’s longstanding, “Use ofDigital Images” policy as listed in past and present price lists. The policy states: 

The use of SAI Brand logos, product descriptions, images, webpages, and product indications for use is strictly prohibitedunless a written request for permission to use – which mustinclude how the elements will be used – is submitted inadvance. Usage will only be permitted after the request isreceived and reviewed by our marketing department. Thirdparty sales are not permitted and a list of names used forwebsite sales will be required. Failure to comply with thispolicy could result actions to protect SAI.

Please note this policy is actively enforced. If you have used our images withoutpermission, please remove them immediately to avoid action against your account. 

This policy includes all Truform brand images, and also applies to private label salesof our product. 

Recently SAI has seen numerous violations of this policy on websites and third partymarketplaces such as SAI will work with Amazon to remove theseimages. SAI holds no responsibility for the actions Amazon may take against youraccount, which includes removing images, ASINs, and closing your seller account. Inorder to avoid such actions from Amazon, you should immediately remove allproduct images, size charts, and copy points that are under copyright protection.

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